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Welcome to Diogenes Research.

Diogenes was a 4th century BCE Greek philosopher who was a founding member of the Cynic school of thoughts. A cynic was a virtuous person who strove to live a life in harmony with nature; in other words, a life of truth. Today, unfortunately, a cynic is a person who spoils a good thing by interjecting irritating talks. As it is, truth is often piquing.

Although technically history deals with the past, in fact it often has little to do with what actually happened, nor has that been an issue. The word ‘truth’ seldom appears in history writings. Here the word ‘truth,’ of course, is used in the sense of facts, and history often does not really deal with facts. History appears to have little need for facts perhaps because it is not an almanac. Sometimes history has been proven to be non-factual and the non-factual history continues to carry on unimpeded like a juggernaut. History serves a different purpose: it fills the cultural and political needs of the soul of a people. Scholars agree that the story of young George Washington cutting down a cherry tree was likely invented, but that hardly stops the story from being repeatedly told. The story enjoys a long tenure, and it serves a purpose.

However, there are those who care very much for facts; they have just as strong a need to know the facts as historians do legacies. Ironically these fact-lovers are known as cynics. Yet they continue to seek the truth as Diogenes did.

This website is dedicated to the seeking of truth in history, and at this time features three major works of Professor Chao C. Chien, a champion for factual history. A scientist and engineer by training, he demands that history be in accord with evidence and its proper analysis and interpretation. His first major work is on the historicity of the lore of the Age of Discovery. The findings are presented in the book The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery, ISBN: 978-1621416937. By reviewing and analyzing large numbers of period documents and world maps from both European and Chinese archives Professor Chien is able to arrive at the indisputable conclusion that Age of Discovery European explorers went to sea with maps of the world in hand, and that those maps came from China. This world knowledge was disseminated as a result of the Chinese going to sea in a big way during the early years of the 15th century.

It is a rare occasion that a major history is proven wrong, and that is what has happened. Scholars are stunned into silence.

In a follow-up work, which report is published in the book The Hunt for the Dragon, ISBN: 978-1626464353, Professor Chien, based on the findings from the previous project in conjunction with other relevant annals and literature, is able to propose a solution to an age-old mystery: What happened to the Chinese Ming Dynasty emperor after losing a civil war that took place during the early years of his reign.

A third effort, one that also has been a lifelong journey, deals with the formation of the world’s ancient civilizations. Who were these ancients; where did they come from? More specifically, who were the Greeks, the forefathers of Western cultures, and where did they come from? By examining evidence that has long been discarded because investigators were unable to decipher it, or because it proved to be an annoyance to accepted researches, and by comparing such evidence across cultural lines, Professor Chien is able to come up with an explanatory theory; a very interesting theory. This theory and its derivation are now presented in the book Barbarians in the Gate, ISBN: is 978-1-63263-580-8.

Septembee 1, 2016

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个网站是为专门诚实性研究而设。暂时主要是特辑历史研究学家钱肇昌教授的学术。钱肇昌是一名科学家和工程师。他一生致力于研究历史的真相。他要求历史有证据,可以合理合逻辑的分析和解释。钱教授的第一项工作便是修正大发现时代的历史。他的结论已在 The Chinese Origin of the Age of Discovery ISBN: 978-1621416937)一书中发表(中文版《郑和下西洋揭秘》,ISBN: 978-1621417651)。钱教授查阅大量欧洲和中国的文件与世界地图,通过回顾和分析,结论大发现时代其实起源于中国。由于中国十五世纪初出海,将中国的世界地理知识传播到世界各地。无可争辩的,大发现时代的欧洲探险家是手拿着来自中国的世界地图去出海的。




大发现时代的真相弄清楚了之后,钱教授再进一步查考了明朝建文帝失踪之谜,基于其他有关中国历史的文件与档案,再加外国现存的资料,提出了一个看法。这见解已在 The Hunt for the DragonISBN: 978-1626464353一书里发表。。(可惜中文版《郑和奇案揭秘》还在物色出版机会。)

钱教授第三个项目是研究世界古代文明的形成,也是一生研究的成果。这些古人是谁?他们从哪里来?更具体地,西方文化的老祖宗,希腊人是哪里来的?钱教授调查了很多古迹证据,很多已经被学者淘汰了、放弃了,甚至丢弃了因为它不符合主体学术的要求,用超文化限界的眼光来看,发现另有乾坤,可能有一个解释;一个很有意思的答案。该项目已成书 Barbarians in the Gate, ISBN: 978-1-63263-580-8。中文版《蛮夷入关》还在进行翻译,希望举日面世。(可是因为中国的出版商对此兴趣很低,所以进行得很慢。)